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Inpay believes that trade should not be limited by local borders. Our goal is to create the world’s first global infrastructure for instant, cost-efficient bank transfers, between any two countries in the world, based on a safe regulated framework.


We are a Danish profitable fintech company, with 40 people located in 9 offices around the world. As of January 2016 we have a market penetration of less than one millionth. We service international banks, large eCommerce merchants and financial services companies.

Who are we

With our global culture of more than 20 nationalities and a shared mission to change the world for the better, we strive to become a workplace of choice and to continuously develop the culture that inspires, enables improvement and learning, and gives importance and value across the company.

How we do it

Trust, Accountability, Passion, Innovation and Respect, are the values that supports our vision and all of the decision-making processes at Inpay. Every single milestone we reach, every success story, every accomplishment, is the result of hard work, perseverance and understanding, that being an Inpayer is more of a lifestyle and less a nine to five job.

Inpay is currently looking for:

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