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We make business payments flow

Minimize the cost of cross-border payments

Delayed payments are bad for recipients. Rates and fees are bad for the bottom line. And complex, time consuming systems are bad for everyone.

That’s why we created a bespoke technical solution that simplifies your global business payments, at the speed, cost and ease of domestic bank transfers. With local clearing in 100+ countries, no matter where your international payments are going, we make sure they’re received in full and on time. Every time.

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How it works

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Step 1

Inpay receives your bulk payment in your local currency

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Step 2

Our secure platform splits this into different country transactions

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Step 3

We disburse the payments in real time through our vast domestic network

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Step 4

The money arrives in full and on time

A case from Germany

An engineering company in Germany needs to pay 25 different consultants in Thailand, UK and Australia, each in their local currency. They deliver payment instructions to Inpay and transfer the funds to their local Inpay account in Euros. Inpay fulfils the payment instructions, releasing the individual sum to each consultant in the respective local currency.

Scheduled, secure & compliant.