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Fast international payments

Cross-border payouts

Inpay’s international payments solution enables businesses to make fast and secure global transfers for less with instant SEPA, domestic payments and open banking offerings.

FSA regulated
+500.000 transactions/month
+100 countries
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How Inpay’s International Payment Solution Works

We make sending international payments to a network of more than 100 countries as simple and efficient as a local bank transfer. All of our services are managed via a single integration, reducing your costs and speeding up your cross-border payouts.

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Step 1

Institution sends payment files via SWIFT MT103 or API

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Step 2

Inpay screens payments and confirms funding

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Step 3

Inpay instructs FI partner in receiving country to execute payment

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Step 4

Beneficiaries receive funds in local currency in real-time without deductions

Cross border payout key features

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Instant international payments

Real-time 24/7 transfers in countries with instant payments infrastructure (e.g. United Kingdom, India & Turkey). Instant SEPA payouts in Europe are delivered within minutes.

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Cross border compliance

Direct and secure methods of clearing funds across borders. We’re Danish FSA regulated and compliant in other jurisdictions, conducting recognized AML and CTF procedures. Read more here.

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Competitive pricing & no FX*

International payments that cost less than an international wire transfer. A processing fee per transaction is negotiated according to transaction volumes and value, and the FX margin is pre-agreed and fixed.

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Single point of integration

Reduced costs due to a single integration point decreasing operational complexity. Choice of connection API, SWIFT, file upload, or customized methods.

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Web portal & personal service

International payment status can be tracked online via our customer web portal. Unlike many other providers, Inpay gives you a dedicated account manager and customer service representative.

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White label solution

Built to be integrated into existing UX/UI. Customize Inpay’s international payment solution to fit your needs and branding, or use our branding and UI if you prefer.

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International Business Payments to 100+ Countries

With a single Inpay contract and integration, make international payments or allow your customers to send payments to our network of 100+ countries for a fraction of the price of traditional banking. Here are some examples of how payouts within each specific country work. Download each country payments sheet:

How to Connect to the Inpay Global Network

We offer one integration under a single contract with a choice of API or SWIFT connections. You will pre-fund Inpay in bulk for the total value of payments instructed for processing. This can be done via a single Swift MT103 wire or via a SEPA Credit Transfer to one of Inpay’s funding accounts.

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