Using Inpay

Inpay is a bank transfer-based international payments system that is fast to use and deploy. Each account in its network feeds back information in real time to a central processing and account management team, ensuring rapid transfers are always supported by a dedicated team.

There are two ways to use Inpay – either as an Express service, which uses the existing Inpay website as your portal to make payments; or White Label, which allows you to integrate our service into your own systems. Bespoke systems are available upon request.


The rapid deployment of our Express platform gives you Inpay’s payment services quickly and with minimum investment or commitment. This is most suitable for medium to large sized companies who do not require full integration or have limited internal IT resources.

  • Allows customers to make cross-border payments as local bank transfers
  • Lets you accept international payments as a local bank transfer
  • Our fastest set-up speeds and lowest set-up costs
  • Full support and account management
  • Gives you full PayIn functionality
  • Access to the whole of our global account network
  • Log in and manage your account through the Inpay website
  • Customers directed to the Inpay website to make payments
  • Benefit from industry-leading security and compliance

White Label

Our White Label solution is designed to be fully integrated and customised to your specific needs. Best suited for large enterprise customers or financial institutions who have internal IT departments that can support API services.

  • Seamlessly integrate Inpay services into your system
  • Allows customers to make cross-border payments as local bank transfers
  • Lets you accept international payments as a local bank transfer
  • Enables you to make disbursements globally in multiple currencies
  • Access to the whole of our global account network
  • Full PayIn and PayOut functionality
  • Initiate payments using the API or by uploading Excel or CSV files
  • Full support and account management
  • Access to our development team for API support
  • Industry-leading security and compliance from your own branded system

Key Features


Inpay provide a secure payments ecosystem to its partners once they have passed all compliance and regulatory checks. It is used by any business or financial institution that requires a direct and secure method of clearing funds across borders.


Inpay’s powerful technology manages and directs payments at the same speed as electronic messaging, facilitating direct international payments for merchants, traders, banks and businesses.


Inpay uses local banking partners in over 69 countries to hold positive balances that can be released and directed immediately once security measures have been satisfied. Funds are always held within secure financial institutions in accounts with positive balances.


Inpay’s specialist ecosystem is globally compliant at every level of integration, delivering efficient and secure payment routing. Our continuous compliance reviews and governance updates create better value for clients by satisfying internal security requirements.

Bespoke Solution

Inpay can offer customers fully-bespoke solutions.
The development team are able to design and build systems that work for your business, giving you access to the Inpay network and its global payment functions through a robust, dedicated product. Using your own bespoke system allows you to control every aspect of the interface, from your own management tools to the customer journey along the payment route. Customising the Inpay system to suit your business also gives you the freedom to create features that may not be present in our Express or White Label offerings.

Please contact our sales team at Inpay if you require a consultation.

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