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We make alternative payments flow

A faster & safer shopping experience

If there’s one thing better than shopping, it’s shopping without the risk of credit card fraud, transfer fees and delayed payments.

With Inpay’s white label solution your customers can make international purchases with the safety, speed and cost of a local bank transfer. For you, there’s a removal of chargebacks, simpler refund procedures and a higher global market penetration. That’s a better shopping experience for them, and better business for you.

Sound good?

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How it works

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Step 1

Your customer clicks ‘pay via domestic bank transfer’

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Step 2

Local language payment instructions are given

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Step 3

Your customer returns to your shop and completes the checkout

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Step 4

Real-time notification when funds are received

How we make international commerce flow

An e-commerce merchant based in London has received an order from a buyer in Brazil. The buyer chooses to pay using a local bank transfer via his regular bank in São Paulo. Inpay registers the sum being paid into the Inpay account in São Paulo and releases the equivalent sum from an account with the merchant’s bank in London.

Quick, simple and secure.