Inpay’s global network of banking partners gives you privileged access to faster payments within the compliance and regulatory framework of the international banking system. Our coverage extends to banks that lie outside traditional networks, giving clients the ability to send and receive cross-border payments with confidence. Faster transaction times also add protection from market fluctuations, enabling more efficient operations in the most dynamic markets. Inpay also works as a complimentary, plug-in payment system alongside SWIFT.

B2B Payments

Inpay is trusted globally to facilitate safe, instant payments by working within the global banking infrastructure. A world leader in financial and security technology, Inpay employ specialist Know Your Customer procedures to add a second tier of security to local bank regulation and compliance measures. Inpay combines this effective two-tier security with faster payment technology and a global network to meet every payment need.


When you need to pay money out, Inpay’s global network of local bank accounts and centralised transaction checking means you can do so faster and with enhanced security. Inpay enables you to make multiple settlements in any currency you choose, directing your payments to any destination bank where your recipients can access the payment safely. From payroll services, supplier payments and even B2C functions such as streamlined refunds for your customers, the Inpay network can give you truly global reach.


Inpay enables you to accept local bank transfers as an alternative to credit cards, and removes the traditional risks of cross-border e-commerce even in higher-risk areas. Operating as a local bank transfer means no chargebacks, simpler refund procedures and higher global market penetration than credit cards. Inpay allows your shoppers to pay from the familiar and secure environment of their online bank, reducing your exposure to risk when accepting cross-border payments.


Inpay believes that being a member of the financial system is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. We therefore offer our services at cost for any qualified NGO, as we believe that when funds are sent to people in need, we all have a responsibility of getting the most funds to the recipient, as safely, cost-effectively and quickly as possible. Please contact [email protected] with the subject: “NGO” for more information. We want to help!

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