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Give your customers a blast of better payment experience.

No cards
No account registration
No time wasted
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The most competitive open banking offering

Connect to a global network of banks via a single API

Make real-time payments directly from bank-to-bank in just 3 clicks

Cut costs by decreasing fraud & chargeback risks

Increase payment acceptance rates & customer satisfaction

Increase conversions with a seamless user experience

PSD2 compliant. Strict AML & KYC checks

How it works

It's as simple as it gets.


Select bank transfer


Find your bank


Confirm payment

Benefits of open banking for international payments

Increase payment options for your customers. Inpay OpenBanking ensures a smoother and safer payment journey for your customers and a substantial increase in profit for you.

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Pay directly from bank account – no need to top up any wallet or manually type card numbers. Users simply pays with a password, face ID or fingerprint.

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Eliminate fraud and chargebacks with strong customer authentication. Payments are PSD2 compliant with strict AML and KYC checks.

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Instant payments, withdrawals, and refunds. Funds are credited right away. Immediate cashflow with fast settlement by Inpay.

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Customer satisfaction

Easy and fast check outs. Increase customer loyalty with an optimized user experience. Facilitate frictionless payments in just a few clicks.

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Lower operational and transactional costs. Slash chargeback risks. Decrease costs by streamlining payments and increasing profits.

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One simple developer-friendly integration with your own or Inpay branding. A full-stack solution for checkouts, refunds and reconciliation.

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