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Improved international cheques

Make cross-border cash payments with PostalCheque, Inpay’s international postal money order product. A cost-effiecient, faster alternative to bank cheques and SWIFT-to-cheque transfers. One contract gives you access to our network of 86,000 postal outlets in 28 countries.

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Inpay’s International Postal Money Order

You fund the payments in Euros and we payout in the destination currency of your recipient via Eurogiro’s global postal network. See the end-to-end PostalCheque flow of funds from the originating institution to the beneficiary.

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Step 1

Originating FI pre-funds a designated Inpay account with EUR

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Step 2

Inpay screens payments and sends EUR to Eurogiro’s postal institution member

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Step 3

Payout institution issues PostalCheque and delivers to beneficiary’s address by local post

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Step 4

Beneficiary encashes PostalCheque at postal branch, receiving full cash payout in local currency

PostalCheque Benefits

PostalCheque connects your business to a global network of convenient and trusted local post offices. Increase beneficiary satisfaction with the most reliable and efficient cash payout method.

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Extensive reach & flexibility

Access 86,000 postal outlets in more than 28 countries via a single agreement and integration. Expand your reach to the most remote and rural locations without requiring a beneficiary bank account.

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Low-cost-per transaction

Make low-cost international cash payouts - without correspondent banking deductions or excessive FX fees. Pay only a pre-agreed, volume-driven flat fee per transaction.

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Secure & compliant payments

Increase the security level of your cash payouts with our network of regulated postal institutions. The recipient’s ID is verified upon receipt of the payment, allowing you to benefit from strong KYC. Read more about Inpay’s compliance here.

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Efficient & fast alternative

Boost beneficiary satisfaction with a faster cash payout solution – the postal institution receives the payment order in 1-2 days. Postal money orders also have a shorter expiry date than bank cheques, thus ensuring faster cashing out of the instrument by recipients.

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Payment transparency & internal customer service

Payment status can be tracked via Inpay’s customer web portal. All support requests are handled centrally by Inpay. What’s more, PostalCheque enables you to establish proof of live with physical KYC.

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Simplified & economical operations

Reduce the costs and operational complexities of processing bank cheques, such as fraud, or lost & delayed cashouts. Enjoy a single point of access for clearing, settlement, and customer service.

Global cash payouts via the local postal network

With a single agreement and integration, you get access to our sister company Eurogiro’s postal network in 28 payout countries. Other countries can be available for partnership upon request.





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