Inspection reports in Danish

The Danish FSA is regularly inspecting financial institutions in Denmark, including Inpay. After an inspection they will produce a statement that we are legally obliged to published on our homepage. In addition to these statements, Inpay must publish any rulings and other reactions from the Danish FSA on its homepage.

April 8th 2016
FSA Inspection September 2015

Comment on inspection:
Inpay is very happy with the constructive dialogue with the Danish FSA and the knowledgeable guidance provided for a Fintech company such as Inpay.

The FSA inspection as of September 2015 of Inpay, contained a number of reactions. Inpay takes these Reactions very serious and is in the process on rectifying the areas that resulted in the reactions. A project plan for this work has also been submitted to the Danish FSA.

Inpay works closely together with the Danish FSA to continually improve our AML/CFT as a strong AML/CFT regime and GRC framework is the foundation for a cross-border Fintech company such as Inpay.

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