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In today’s globalised world we travel in new ways for leisure and education.

With high competition in both industries, being able to offer the best rates and a smooth customer experience is more important than ever. With Inpay’s white label solution, you can send payments in real-time to more than 100 countries, with the speed, safety and cost-efficiency of a domestic transfer. For your business this means increased purchase conversion, lower operational cost and higher customer retention.

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Travel and education

How it works

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Step 1

You receive your customers’ payments

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Step 2

You send a bulk payment to Inpay

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Step 3

Our secure technology platform disburses the payments via our vast network

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Step 4

All your payees receive the full payment in real-time

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Inpay provides a direct and secure method of clearing funds across borders once our rigorous compliance and regulatory checks have been passed.

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Our bespoke technology platform efficiently processes payment messages, facilitating cross border payments as safely and efficiently as a domestic bank transfer.

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Inpay can pay out to 100+ countries. Each partner bank or financial institution holds a positive balance so funds can be released as soon as security and compliance measures are met.

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Inpay’s ecosystem is globally compliant and locally regulated at every level of integration. We continuously invest in stringent data protection and fraud detection measures. Regular reviews and governance updates ensure ongoing compliance and superior levels of security.