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Accelerate growth with smarter cross-border payments.
No borders. No boundaries. No friction.

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Why Inpay?

Inpay offers low-cost, fast and secure multi-currency cross-border payments as an alternative to SWIFT wire transfers.

Access the 36 Euro countries with our instant SEPA solution, the UK with instant GBP and further afield with our local payment offerings.

With Inpay’s cutting edge technology and a network covering 100+ countries, you can make international payments as quickly and simply as a domestic bank transfer. Did we mention for a fraction of the price?

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We make business payments flow

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We make business payments flow

No matter the cross-border payment, we transfer them with ease and speed.

A truly global payments network

Complete transparency. Seamless integrations.
Secure, fast & cheap. That’s Inpay in a nutshell.

plus payout countries
mins average payout time
percent cost saved

Cross-border compliant

Inpay is regulated by the Danish FSA and in other jurisdictions. We meet or exceed national and international requirements including the Wolfsberg Standards guidance for international payments and the electronic transmission of funds and FATF Recommendations.