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About Us

Inpay's story

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We make global payments flow

Inpay is a cross-border payment solutions provider making the flow of global payments easier, more cost-effective, and faster.

Our cutting-edge technology provides the perfect alternative to SWIFT wire transfers, making international payments quicker for a fraction of the price. With Inpay, cross-border transactions are as simple as a domestic bank transfer.

We payout to over 100 countries where recipients receive the full payment without deductions every single time. From financial institutions to corporations, Inpay is here to transform cross-border payments for businesses in all industries. Explore our solutions to find out more.

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Our journey started with a catastrophe

In 2008, a deadly cyclone hit Myanmar causing its worst natural disaster on record.

As the death toll grew, a Danish entrepreneur went online to donate money to help the thousands of orphaned children. When Jacob Tackmann Thomsen realized his credit card donation would lose 5% to fees and take days to arrive, he searched for a better way to send money abroad.

Spurred on by this frustration, Jacob set to work and founded Inpay with a clear vision — cross-border payments should be as cheap, safe, fast and easy as local bank transfers.

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How we've grown

From small acorns, great oaks grow.

In the last 14 years, international offices have opened, skilled and passionate staff have been hired, and profits have grown.

In 2018, Inpay Holding acquired Eurogiro, a global payments community for postal operators, further strengthening our offering. And in 2021, Inpay was named one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times.

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Where we're going

Inpay’s mission is bold.

We don’t just want to make the flow of payments easier, cheaper, and faster. We also want to see a fundamental change to how finance is accessed globally.

In close collaboration, Inpay and Eurogiro aim to improve and increase the accessibility of fair, secure and compliant financial services to the financially underserved. Our belief is that a financially inclusive world is a better world, and we’ll do what it takes to get there.

The appointments of Thomas Jul as Chief Executive Officer, Jens Heurlin as Group General Counsel and Camila Witt as Chief Risk & Compliance Officer have only sharpened our already strong focus on compliance, customer service and product development – with the goal of promoting the company's vision of global financial inclusion cross borders.  


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Thomas Jul

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Jul believes that understanding the customer must be at the heart of every part of an organization. And sustaining that approach requires a culture built on accountability, drive and integrity.

Thomas brings this unwavering commitment and global business acumen to Inpay after an outstanding international career that has included C-level roles in with Nets and Ericsson, and 15 years of executive leadership at Nokia. Thomas will spearhead the strengthening of Inpay’s cross-border payments product offering across an increased geographic reach, in order to further help businesses, postal organisations and financial institutions offer fast, secure and compliant cross-border payments for less.

Thomas is also CEO of Eurogiro, the global postal network body acquired by Inpay in 2018.

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