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Instant cardless pay-ins

Simple frictionless pay-ins, powered by Open Banking. No card numbers, zero hassle. It’s the modern way to pay.

Our offering

Customers are increasingly demanding rapid, frictionless online payments experiences. Our Open Banking-enabled cardless pay-in solution provides just that. It’s the real-time way to accept funds from local bank accounts worldwide – and without expensive acquiring fees or costly chargebacks.


Frictionless experience

Say goodbye to wallet top-ups and entering card details. Just 3 clicks and the payment is complete.



Secure customer authentication through banking apps helps lower false positives and the cost of declined payments.


Customer choice

Give your customers another way to pay, to help drive spend, loyalty and ultimately, revenue.


Speedy integration

A single, simple API provides everything you need to get started. Add to our Money Out solution or use as a standalone service.


Significant savings

Reduce the cost of payment acceptance with no expensive card scheme or interchange fees.


Zero chargebacks

No chargeback exposure means no costly chargeback fees traditionally associated with card acquiring.

How it works

3 clicks. Zero friction. It’s as seamless as it gets for you and your customers. Available via a single, simple API.


Select deposit amount


Choose your bank


Click pay to confirm

Significant savings, optimised experience

  • 0 %
    Savings vs card payments
  • 0 %
    Chargeback exposure
  • 0 %
    Transaction success rate
    vs 91.6% with card payments

Why Open Banking?
Why now?


Open Banking is delivering better banking transfers, done faster. It’s already transforming payments in Europe and beyond, and by 2027 it will power 10% of all online payments globally. Adopting Open Banking will help you to future-proof your business and offer customers the payment choice they are increasingly demanding.

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Want payouts, too?

We also offer a Money Out solution, giving you one simple pay-in and payout service from a single provider.

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