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For truly global banking

Banking customers have become more digital, more mobile and more connected, and demand payments services to match. Future-proof your business with our Money Out and Money In solutions and grow market share without the heavy lifting.

  • CIMB
  • Tranglo
  • Nova Banka
  • Commercial Bank of Qatar
  • UPT
  • Rakbank

Payments at the speed of life

FI -Why us?

Our Money Out and Money In solutions are designed to speed up cross-border expansion in a sector where money has to move as fast as the people and businesses it serves. Built for your customers increasingly demanding banking needs, we make sending international payments as fast, simple and seamless as a local bank transfer.

  • SEPA Instant, SEPA and SWIFT
  • 1M+ transactions a month
  • 90+ countries served
  • Helping financial institutions for over 16 years
  • Danish FSA regulated

Our offering


Money Out

Real-time cross-border payments (SEPA Instant, SEPA and SWIFT), to even the most traditionally under-served payments pathways.


Money In

Open-banking enabled pay-ins, offering the seamless, cardless pay-in experience your customers are increasingly demanding.


Simple integration

Gain access to our entire global network through a single, simple API connection, file upload or bespoke integration.


Total transparency

Track payments in real time via our self-serve customer portal. Rich data insights and customizable reporting available.



An industry-leading compliance framework and advanced transaction screening built by experts. Regulated by the Danish FSA.


Truly human service

Our dedicated account managers have been serving the complex needs of financial services customers since 2008.

Who we work with

Commercial banks

Retail banks

Investment banks




The coverage you need

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Our proprietary global banking network allows you to expand quickly into some of the most popular and traditionally challenging geographies, all with a single provider.

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90+ countries

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< 5 minutes average pay-out time

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