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Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Inpay is an authorized payments institution in the EU, licensed and regulated by the Danish FSA.

We’re a SWIFT member and part of the global financial institution community. Inpay is fully compliant with national and international AML/CTF and sanctions requirements including the Wolfsberg Group Standards and FATF Recommendations and EU regulations.By employing additional and consistent checks on our partners and network, Inpay offers superior levels of compliance and security.



All activity across the Inpay network is continuously reviewed in order to build accurate and transparent client and partner profiles, as well as meet our internal and external reporting obligations. All Inpay offices are subject to our common international governance structure while being locally regulated and compliant in each jurisdiction we operate.

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Risk management

Inpay’s rigorous risk management procedures combine in-depth profiling and background checks on each client and partner with specialist reporting systems and real time monitoring. We use the latest big data tools and compliance services in order to enhance transaction screening and suspicious activity reporting. Our secure and comprehensive approach to risk management means that Inpay’s internal security protocols meet and exceed the strict SWIFT standards.

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FSA regulated

Inpay is regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA No. 22008). All customers and transactions are vetted through multiple, internationally recognized AML and CTF procedures, including: Know Your Customer (KYC), expressed in thorough customer due diligence and ongoing due diligence checking against politically exposed person lists (PEPs) and all relevant sanction lists including OFAC, UN, EU and HMT. Inpay adheres strictly to EU legislation and safety precautions regarding Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing, as implemented under the Danish and EU law.

Fraud detection & IT security


Trust and reliability run through the core of Inpay, which is why we invest in stringent fraud detection measures.

Every dimension of each transfer – including the true originator and ultimate beneficiary – is analysed in real-time and mapped against known fraud patterns. All systems, information and infrastructure are protected via full-stack firewalls, antivirus programs, two-factor authentication and ongoing penetration testing. In addition, we conduct monitoring of all network traffic, have rigorous password policies and run comprehensive employee training to avoid unauthorised access to our systems. We also use third party tools such as ComplyAdvantage to further reinforce security.

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