Payments to make a difference

NGOs are the reason we exist. We were founded in 2008 with the belief that the humanitarian sector was vastly underserved by the traditional banking system. Since then we’ve built a cross-border payments solution designed to get funds to some of the most hard-to-reach places in the world, at the times it matters most.

Money, where it most needs to be


From natural disaster hotspots to areas of political crisis, or war-torn countries with little or no financial infrastructure, we enable NGOs to serve hard-to-reach regions with the full transparency and speed they need. That means absolute traceability and minimal deductions. But also the robust compliance frameworks we know the sector demands.

  • Founded to serve the NGO sector
  • Dedicated expertise in complex payment pathways
  • Speed and accuracy when it matters most
  • Danish FSA regulated

Our offering



In times of crisis, only fast will do. Instant payouts in local currencies achieve just that.



Real-time transaction tracking for absolute peace-of-mind on payment status through a single customer portal.


Fees made simple

Complex and ever-changing pricing models are a no-no for NGOs. We make our fees simple to make your funds work harder.


Regular FX updates

Rates for various currency pairings are regularly updated, meaning no nasty surprises on costs. 


Risk. Managed

When trust matters, trust our industry-leading compliance framework and advanced transaction screening capabilities, built by experts. 


True consultancy

Since 2008 we’ve been developing the in-house expertise to help NGOs deliver on their objectives in the spirit of true partnership.

Why do NGOs work with us?


Payments can be difficult for NGOs. We know because we’ve asked, and taken the time to understand. High costs; slow transactions; lack of transparency; an over-reliance of traditional banking providers; and compliance frameworks unable to deal with the complexities of such a demanding sector, are just some of the operational headaches NGOs have to deal with when trying to get money where it’s needed most.

Because of this, it’s a sector that we believe demands dedicated expertise; a bespoke payments proposition; and truly consultative partnership.

Sending payments to complex regions, with full transparency, is where a fintech like Inpay can make all the difference.

The coverage you need


Our proprietary global banking network allows you to expand quickly into some of the most popular and traditionally challenging geographies, all with a single provider.

Vector (6)

90+ countries

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< 5 minutes average pay-out time

Value added services

Avoid multi-supplier headaches with our range of value-added services designed with NGOs in mind:


Regional disbursement

Mass domestic payouts via a single batch upload, meaning you can distribute funds from national offices to local hubs for instant use, where and when it’s needed most.


Salary payments

When it comes to getting paid, only fast will do. We offer cross-border salary disbursement in some of the most financially complex areas you operate in.


Seamless donations

Accept donations direct from local bank accounts worldwide quicker, more cost-effectively and easier than cards. 3 clicks, no 16 digit numbers, and the digital donation is done.

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