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Worldwide network of financial partners.

FSA Regulated

Overseen by Danish financial authorities.


Simpler administration and lower Forex risk.

Inpay is an FSA-regulated and globally compliant service that enables the instant transfer of funds anywhere in the world. It achieves this by centrally registering local bank transfers to its accounts and approving the release of equivalent funds from a nominated account in another country after stringent security checks. Using a network of Inpay accounts in major financial institutions around the globe, Inpay clients can offer faster processing times, increase customer loyalty and reduce exposure to risk. This is only possible because Inpay has built a system of accounts within the safe confines of traditional banks, taking every advantage of their mature and secure ecosystems. To this, we add our own specialist security technology and central processing to enable faster global bank transfers.

32 %

Reduction in processing time for invoices when customers use Inpay.

6.5 h

Average processing time on cross border payments in Europe.

Inpay has a direct relationship with major financial institutions across the world, part of a rapidly expanding network that works alongside the pre-existing banking ecosystem. Our strategy for growth means Inpay has the ability to reach billions of customers, with access to the most frequently traded 35% of world currencies. Our offices in Denmark, United Kingdom, Philippines & Singapore support every aspect of the Inpay network and its core products, including dedicated account managers for every client and full technical support around the clock.

Inpay gives you complete transparency and real-time data concerning your transactions. When funds are transferred from anywhere in the world, you get to choose how and when to be notified and whether automated functions should operate. You have the control over rights, limits and permissions, and the security of knowing that Inpay already meets all due diligence and compliance checks – as well as the safety of payments coming from within a secure local bank transfer. Our two core products, PayIn and PayOut, enable the safe deposit and withdrawal of funds instantaneously, no matter where the source or destination. You stay in control, and receive the savings accruing from reductions in administrative fees, conversions and chargebacks.


100% Secure system for the instant deposit and receipt of payments across borders


Enables immediate or staged release of split settlements in any local currency.

Integrate Inpay as a payment system and you will benefit immediately from the greater efficiencies that faster global bank transfers can provide. Inpay provides you with a payment route that works with the banking ecosystem but optimises the speed at which it is able to move funds internationally, allowing you to reduce administration and avoid delays without sacrificing the stability and security of the mature local banking system. You can use Inpay as a cloud-based payment portal, or as a White Label integration. Inpay also work with clients to develop full custom builds for maximum integrity.


Average savings per transfer


Collaborating institutions globally

Our Mission

Today’s technology allows us to live and work without borders. When you read the news, shop or talk with friends, it doesn’t matter where they are: you’re connected. We believe that the same idea applies to the way payments work. Inpay believes in answering one important question: why can’t global payments be as instant as modern global technology?


MPE processing award winner for innovating real-time online bank payment solutions for internet retailers worldwide. “Inpay was already setting new trends in processing over the last years, by fully focusing on the convergence of the payment business”, says Leon Dhaene, Chairman of the Guiding Hand Awards.

MPE processing award winner for innovative payment services. “Inpay designed an innovative solution to compete with the global credit card schemes.” Leon Dhaene, Chairman of the Guiding Hand Awards.

“We cannot imagine a better service… Their support is highly responsive, efficient and professional.” Stella Hiemstra, Owner, SolidTrustPay

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