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Inpay offers fast, low-cost, multi-currency payouts cross-border as an alternative to SWIFT wire transfers. And our Open Banking, cardless pay-in option helps increase conversion and offer the frictionless journeys players now demand.

· Danish FSA regulated
· Working with over a quarter of iGaming’s Power50
· Pay out/in 24x7x365

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Why us?

Players don’t want to wait for winnings. And with the Inpay Money Out solution, they don’t have to. We make global pay-outs as quick and simple as local bank transfers.

Operators can pay out 24x7x36 and funds are on players’ accounts near-instantly. The same is true of pay-ins, which are available on a single integration, contract and reconciliation point. Simple.

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Our offering

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Money Out

Our network links 200+ countries for fuss-free global coverage and local pay-outs.

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No deductions

Pay-outs arrive in full for a winning player proposition every time.

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Money In

When customer acquisition costs are high, only fast, frictionless pay-ins will do.

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Regulated by the Danish FSA, we’ve built a reputation over the last 16 years as one of iGaming’s most trusted payments providers.

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Full service

Avoid multi-supplier headaches with a complete pay-in and pay-out solution from us.

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Our team of iGaming experts provides one-to-one support, drawing on years of proven sector experience.

Integrate with ease


Our entire network through a single, simple API.

Direct Integration

Direct or bespoke integration? Not a problem.

3rd party integrator

Plug in via one of our many supported industry-known integrators – see below.

Looking to partner?

We’re constantly looking for new partners to expand our service and add value. Check out our partner models.

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Integrate with us to sell our solutions to your new and existing customers. We partner with you directly, leaving you to own your customer relationship.

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Refer merchants to us and we’ll onboard them and manage things from there.

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Tech enabler

Increase the value of your gateway or platform by adding our services to your list of providers.

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