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For truly global banking

Speedy cross-border payments as standard

We make sending international payments to a network of more than 200 countries as quick, simple and cost-effective as a local bank transfer. Our Money In and Money Out services are available via a single integration and contract, reducing your costs and speeding up cross-border expansion.

· Danish FSA-regulated
· 1M+ transactions a month
· 200+ countries
· Serving financial institutions for over 15 years

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Our offering

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Money Out

Real-time cross-border payments (Instant SEPA and SWIFT), including to traditionally under-served payments pathways.

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Simple integration

Gain access to our entire global network through a single, simple API connection, file upload or SWIFT.

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Track payments in real time via our self-serve customer portal. Rich data insights and customizable reporting available.

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An industry-leading compliance framework and advanced transaction screening capabilities built by experts.

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Full service

Avoid multi-supplier headaches with a complete pay-in and pay-out solution from us.

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Truly human service

Our dedicated experts have been servicing the complex needs of the financial services industry since 2008.

Why us?

We’ve become more digital, more mobile and more connected. Customers expect the same of their money. Future-proof your business, compete strongly in digital remittance, pay-ins/pay-outs and grow market share without the heavy lifting. 

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Who we work with

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Commercial banks

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Retail banks

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Investment banks

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Credit Unions

The coverage you need

Our proprietary global banking network allows you to expand quickly into some of the most traditionally challenging geographies, all with a single provider.

· 200+ countries (SWIFT enabled)
· 70+ countries (Inpay proprietary)
· > 5 minutes average pay-out time

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