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We make
banking flow

Speed as standard

Time is money and moving money takes time. But what if there was a way to send cheaper international payments as quickly and easily as a domestic bank transfer?

By combining cutting edge technology with deep banking expertise, Inpay helps you offer your customers more. With our network covering 100+ countries, we really can help your money go further and make your business flow.

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Financial Institutions

Key Features


Global payments as simple and efficient as local bank transfers


Choice of connection methods: API, SWIFT, File Upload or customized to your API


Advanced screening and real-time monitoring. Online payment tracking

Cost efficient

No international SWIFT wire fees. Payment arrives in full without deductions

Global payments simplified

Complexity doesn’t need to be complex. We have simplified payout services and offer access to more than 100 countries via a single connection - with or without FX conversion.

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How does it work?

Inpay can receive the funds in any currency and pay out locally in real-time. By using Inpay's direct access to domestic clearing channels you can deliver payments in full while minimizing fees and eliminate the charges normally experienced by the sending bank, your clients and their beneficiaries.

For FX payments, we determine an optimal FX spread to minimize deductions taken by downstream banks in the payment chain.

Sound interesting?


Inpay provides a secure payments ecosystem to its partners once they have passed all compliance and regulatory checks. It can be used by any corporate or financial institution that requires a direct and secure method of clearing funds across borders.


Inpay’s technology platform efficiently processes payment messages, facilitating direct international payments for e-commerce merchants, banks and other financial institutions that move funds for their customers.


Inpay uses local banks and financial institutions in more than 100 countries. These hold positive balances which can be released and directed for payout immediately after security and compliance measures are met.


Inpay is regulated by the Danish FSA and in other jurisdictions. We meet or exceed national and international requirements including the Wolfsberg Standards and FATF Recommendations.