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3 reasons to hire a payment expert

The benefits of hiring experts to turbo-charge your business

Do you cut your own hair? Do your own dental work? Or even repair your own car?

Probably not. You go to an expert.

That’s a hairdresser, dentist or mechanic respectively.

To be clear, you don’t go to a hairdresser for root canal work. Or ask a mechanic to cut your hair. Expertise isn’t really interchangeable like that.

You engage a professional with the knowledge, competence and experience in their particular field. That’s what makes them an ‘expert’.

What makes Inpay experts?

It’s three things, really. Our knowledge, skills and experience.

  1. Knowledge | We are the payments people

We’re 190 dedicated individuals from over 45 different countries. We know payments. So, if you want to enter the Brazilian market, draw on the knowledge of our in-house experts on Brazil. If you’re an NGO wanting to pay out to hard-to-reach locations, our in-house NGO experts will see you right.

Almost every system is more complex than it looks. That’s certainly true of payments. We help simplify payment complexity. We connect organisations and people globally to the payments network that helps them thrive.

  1. Skills | We deliver with expert execution

Skills are knowledge in action. We know what documentation is required, the questions likely to be asked, and the quickest way to route payments to pre-empt problems. That’s how we’ve achieved industry-leading 99% transaction success rates.

What’s more we can help you with time-saving short-cuts and advise when and where to take them. Our skill and counsel will help you steer clear of the dead-ends, no-entry streets and tedious one-way systems.

That’s important because you may find that the time and effort needed upskill yourself in payments just isn’t worth it. It’s quicker to engage an expert, who’s earned their stripes and has built a successful business doing just that.

  1. Experience | We are your trusted partner

Our no-nonsense Nordic approach puts honesty and transparency at the heart of what we do. Being aware of our limitations and not promising everything to everyone is another way we earn people’s trust and confidence.

We have the experience of what’s needed to deliver successful payments. We’ve been servicing the complex needs of regulated sectors, such as financial services and iGaming, as well as NGOs and e-commerce, since 2008.

We’ve been there, done that on cross-border payments, exotic payment pathways and multi-currency conversions many times over. We’ll help you learn from your mistakes. But our experienced consultants will also help you learn hard lessons the easy way.

To find out more

Inpay offers low-cost, fast and secure multi-currency cross-border payments to 200+ countries. Our proprietary network is an alternative to SWIFT wire transfers and other cumbersome payments mechanisms. We also offer Open Banking-enabled cardless pay-in/pay-out solutions.

Contact us at [email protected] to find out how we could help you accelerate your business growth.

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