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Do Good Movement appoints Inpay as its cross-border payments partner

Danish start-up selects veteran non-governmental organization (NGO) service provider to accelerate payment transparency and growth.
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Do Good Movement, a Danish start-up NGO, has chosen Inpay as an international payment processor.

Designed to make it easy to see how donations are being used to make a difference in people’s lives, the Do Good Movement community is all about maximizing impact.

“Do Good Movement is focused on transparency, and this dovetails with Inpay’s work in creating full transparency around the payment flow. This is close to our heart and purpose of democratizing payments,” says Sarah Louise Teschl, Head of NGO Sales at Inpay.

Inpay origin story

A humanitarian crisis and NGOs are the reasons Inpay exists.

When a deadly cyclone hit Myanmar in 2008, Danish entrepreneur Jacob Tackmann Thomsen went online to donate. But when he realized that his credit card donation would lose 5% to fees, plus take days to arrive, he thought there must be a better way to send money abroad.

Inpay was founded to make cross-border payments as cheap, safe, fast and easy as local bank transfers. Our proprietary payments network has been built with expertise and human connection at its heart. We get cross-border payments to some of the most hard-to-reach places worldwide, at the times it matters most.

Openness and transparency in philanthropy

Philanthropy has always been important – and necessary. But openness and transparency in philanthropy is now growing in importance. As Jacob Steinitz, Founder of Do Good Movement, explains:

“I founded Do Good Movement with a dual purpose: to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world, and to enhance the experience for donors within the charity industry, fostering trust and transparency.”

Operating in such a way that it’s easy for others to see what actions are performed has many upsides. More people are encouraged to donate when they can see the tangible change their donations are making in the world.

Donors have greater peace-of-mind when they know that due diligence has been performed on charities. They also want to feel confident that funds will get to the right place with full traceability and transparency. And that this will be cost-effective, so the value of their donation is maximized.

Processing complex, individual payments with full transparency is where a fintech like Inpay makes the difference.

“Inpay ensures that all the donations we collect on behalf of our generous donors are distributed to our charity partners efficiently, saving us valuable time and money at the same time.”

“As a new NGO with a need to move donation funds across borders, relying on Inpay as a partner and collaborator has been essential,” concludes Jacob Steinitz, Founder of Do Good Movement.

Why NGOs work with Inpay

What started with a single payment pathway between Denmark and Myanmar dedicated to NGOs has grown into a global network, serving some of the most traditionally challenging geographies via a single interface.

We’ve also honed our skills over the decades on everything from payment routing to pre-empting problems, resulting in industry-leading transaction success rates.

Transparency – Real-time tracking, 24/7/365 for absolute peace-of-mind on payment status.

Fees made simple – Complex and ever-changing pricing models are a no-no. We make our fees simple to make your funds go further.

Regular FX updates – Rates for various currency pairings are updated automatically, meaning no nasty fee surprises.

Risk Managed – When trust matters, trust our industry-leading compliance framework and advanced screening capabilities built by experts.

Speed – In times of crisis, only fast will do. Instant pay-outs in local currency achieve just that.

True consultancy – Since 2008 we’ve been developing the in-house expertise to help NGOs deliver on their objectives in the spirit of true partnership.

How Inpay can help

Inpay is a cross-border payment solutions provider making the flow of global payments easier, more cost-effective and faster.

Our cutting-edge technology provides the perfect alternative to SWIFT wire transfers, making international payments quicker for a fraction of the price.

With Inpay, cross-border transactions are as simple as a domestic bank transfer. We pay out to over 200 countries where recipients receive the full payment without deductions.

Contact us at [email protected] to find out how we could help you accelerate your business growth.

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