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Inpay builds on renewed strategic focus, welcoming new leadership

Copenhagen, Denmark: INPAY today announced changes to its leadership team and strategic direction aimed at driving continued profitable growth and innovation in the dynamic fintech industry.

After a strategic review and in consultation with the Board of Directors, Inpay has decided to undergo a leadership transition to ensure alignment with the company’s renewed focus on innovation, sustainability and growth.

As part of this transition, Inpay bids farewell to its CEO Thomas Jul as well as a number of other management team members, who have made invaluable contributions to the company during their tenure. The Board expresses its gratitude for their dedication and service.

Jan Ovesen, Chairman of the board: “We are confident that these changes will position Inpay for even greater success in the future. The Board remains fully committed to supporting the company’s vision and growth trajectory as we embark on this new chapter.”

Inpay remains committed to serving its customers with excellence and looks forward to leveraging its talented team and innovative solutions to drive value for all stakeholders.

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About Inpay

Inpay’s proprietary global banking network makes its quicker, safer and more cost-effective to send money internationally compared to SWIFT wire transfers, money service businesses and cash couriers.

Since 2008, Inpay has helped financial institutions, iGaming operators, NGOs and others move money to the right places quickly, easily and securely. Our network covers 200+ countries and gives real-time access to 36 countries via our instant SEPA solution, as well as to the UK with GBP and other local payment offerings.

Our smart technology, innovative products, robust compliance and 200 in-house experts from 45+ countries deliver industry-leading transaction success rates. Regulated by the Danish FSA, Inpay has been recognised as Denmark’s fastest-growing company, and Europe’s fastest-growing fintech.

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