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Inpay partners with Turkish Post to offer remittances into Turkey

Turkish Post (PTT) customers can now receive remittances for less with the Post’s new money transfer app, PostalPay.
Turkish Post

The intuitive app allows users across the EU and United Kingdom to send cash for pick up at all PTT locations across Turkey.

Not only is the payout available for collection in less than 2 minutes from sending, but the vast locations of the Turkish Post offices, makes PostalPay the perfect choice for Turkish expats or diaspora with unbanked or remotely located beneficiaries.

Instead of travelling to a bank or MTO in a central city location, PostalPay beneficiaries can simply take a code and ID to their local and trusted PTT office.

The app is available thanks to the Post’s partnership with Inpay, a global cross-border payments company, and Eurogiro, the global postal network body.

Customers of PTT can also send cash to cash to and from Turkish Post locations to and from neighbouring Bulgaria, Albania, Lithuania, Vietnam, Mongolia, Bhutan and Uganda, with more countries and postal organisations rolling out all the time.

Almost 800 million USD of remittances are sent to Turkey every year, according to the World Bank, making a significant contribution to Turkey’s GDP. This also means that it’s important for PTT to offer its customers the best possible options for receiving money from abroad.

Not only does this look set to increase the PTT’s appeal, it also highlights the Turkish Post’s commitment to aiding financial inclusion via remittances.  Now money can be sent from family and friends abroad back to Turkey at a more competitive price, with full security.

The PostalPay App was launched in May 2021, from the global postal network, Eurogiro and powered by its sister company Inpay.

Thomas Jul, CEO of Inpay and Eurogiro said: “Our combined strengths within our network [regional locations and low fees] are crucial pillars in our value proposition and are put into effect through our co-branded efforts with established recognized organisations such as Turkish Post. More payment methods including bank transfers are to follow, as we aim to meet the changing requirements by our B2B costumers – from Europe to Africa and Asia,”

About Turkish Post / PTT:

Established on October 23, 1840 as Ministry of Post, Turkish Post PTT continues to provide the Universal Postal Service in Turkey. Among the founding members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Turkish Post carries out a range of services including postal, cargo, banking and logistics with its wide business place network, mobile branches and staff throughout Turkey.

About Eurogiro:

Eurogiro was founded in 1993 by twelve European postal organizations, as a postal payment co-operative. Over the past 27 years, Eurogiro has consciously evolved from a Europe focussed payment infrastructure company into a global payment enabled infrastructure organisation thereby, empowering postal organizations and postal banks globally to offer a broad suite of financial services to its customers. Today more than 50 esteemed organizations are actively using the platform.

About Inpay

Inpay is a Danish cross-border payments company, connecting businesses and their customers to a global banking network that helps them thrive. Since 2008, we’ve helped financial institutions, iGaming operators, corporates, NGOs and others move money to the right places quickly, easily and securely.  

Our smart technology, innovative products, robust compliance and 200 in-house experts from 45+ countries solve the sector’s most complex challenges with an industry-leading 99.5% payment success rate; processing over a million transactions a month. Regulated by the Danish FSA, we’ve been recognised as Denmark’s fastest-growing company, and Europe’s 6th fastest-growing fintech, with offices in Copenhagen, London and Dubai. 

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