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Introducing: the human-powered payments network

Inpay is looking a bit different today, you may have noticed. But what’s behind our brand refresh?
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We’ve been working hard to strengthen and differentiate our commercial proposition during 2023 and decided to do the same with our brand.

So, how could we refresh the look, feel and brand proposition that sits behind Inpay, while staying true to our obvious strengths?

Simple. We asked our customers.

We asked them what makes us different. What brought them to us, and what’s kept them with us for so long?

They all said the same thing.

It’s our people

It’s the collective expertise of our people and the value they add that makes us stand out.

It’s gratifying, but not entirely surprising. In a fintech market driven increasingly by tech-only offerings, it’s our people that make the difference.

And it’s why we decided to put human expertise at the core of our new brand.

The human-powered payments network

This is the crystallisation of our brand as a single idea. In one phrase it captures who we are, what we do and what makes us unique

Yes, we have smart technology, innovative products and a robust compliance approach. But it’s our people that get money to the right places globally, each and every day.

We do this by solving complex payments challenges in some of the industry’s most demanding sectors, together with each other, our customers and our partners.

A refreshed purpose

Our purpose is to “connect organisations and people globally to the payments network that helps them thrive.”

This is the reason our company exists. It’s our ultimate North Star and the ‘why’ behind all that we do.

We’re all about opening access to payments infrastructure and using the power of our global network to enable organisations and people to succeed. Specifically, in dynamic industries with geographical and regulatory complexity.

We’re developing and maintaining the pathways and ecosystem customers need. Enabled by technology and partners, both global and local, we’re creating growth and prosperity.

Our brand refresh helps position us strongly – and in a differentiated way – in an increasingly crowded market.

Not only to navigate the market, but also to play a significant role in shaping its future.

About us

Inpay is a Danish cross-border payments company, connecting businesses and their customers to a global banking network that helps them thrive. Since 2008, we’ve helped financial institutions, iGaming operators, corporates, NGOs and others move money to the right places quickly, easily and securely.  

Our smart technology, innovative products, robust compliance and 200 in-house experts from 49+ countries solve the sector’s most complex challenges with an industry-leading 99.5% payment success rate; processing over a million transactions a month. Regulated by the Danish FSA, we’ve been recognised as Denmark’s fastest-growing company, and Europe’s 6th fastest-growing fintech, with a team and offices spread across Copenhagen, London and Dubai. 

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