Article · 2021-01-07

Inpay’s London office expanded to facilitate new Financial Institutions and Network hires

In 2020 Inpay’s Copenhagen office was extended by a new floor to accommodate it’s hiring growth, and now the London office has also been expanded.

The central location of the office in London will make it ideal for maintaining close partnerships with Inpay’s customers in the UK and abroad, when Covid restrictions are repealed.

Despite many of Inpay’s employees working at home over the last year, our hiring drive has meant much more space is needed as we look to continue growing in 2021 and beyond.

Jacob Holm-Kinze, Director of People and Culture, said: “With lots of new faces joining Inpay over the last year, we’re excited that when staff are able to go back to the office they will have a fantastic one to go to. Both in London and in Copenhagen. We are proud of our international growth and look forward to opening more offices across the globe.”

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